Fjellinjen Utsteder has been sold to Fremtind Forsikring. Fremtind wants to make payment of tolls easier for both private drivers and companies throughout Norway.

Fjellinjen AS will continue to exist as a toll operator. Fjellinjen's main tasks are to operate toll stations in and around Oslo, collect tolls from motorists who do not have an AutoPASS agreement, collect tolls from AutoPASS providers and ensure financing of the Oslopakke 3.

What does this mean to you?
You do not have to do anything. You keep your AutoPASS tag and receive the invoice in the same way as before. The only difference is that the invoice is paid to Fremtind Service.

Will I receive an invoice in the same way as before?
Yes, the only thing that will be different is that from 1 December you pay the invoice to Fremtind Service. AvtaleGiro, eFaktura and invoice by email will continue as before, without you having to make any changes

Do I have to do something with my AvtaleGiro / or eFaktura or invoice by email?
No, Direct debit and eInvoice agreements continue as before without you having to make any changes.

What happens to My Page?
My Page will be as before.

Where should I order the AutoPASS chip (agreement)?
You order AutoPASS here. 

How do I contact Fremtind Service?
You can still contact us on chat  or on the same phone number, + 47 22 98 40 00

Why is Fjellinjen Issuer being sold now?
The sale is in line with the Issuer Regulations and as a result of the toll reform. After the end of 2020, a toll company can no longer own an AutoPASS issuer.

Will the sale change what the toll goes to?
No, the income from the toll stations in and around Oslo will go to financing the measures in Oslo Package 3 just as before.

Will Fremtind Forsikring have access to my transit information?
Only Fremtind Service has access to transit data, unless you consent to it being shared with someone else.