You keep your existing AutoPASS tag and customer number and get the same benefits from the AutoPASS agreement. You do not need to do anything with your tag or agreement.

New My page from 17. January
From 17. January, you can easily change the agreement yourself and see your toll passings from 13. January onwards on My page at Here you will also find invoices from Fremtind Service. 

How to log in for the first time

You might get your invoice in a different way 
The first invoice from Fremtind Service may come in a different way than what you are used to, depending on what kind of agreement you have with your bank or Vipps. You will not get a paper fee on the first invoice if you receive it on paper.

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Who can I contact? 
You can easily change the agreement yourself and see invoices and toll passings on My page. 

If you have questions regarding the time before 13. January or an invoice sent from BPS Nord or Vegfinans, please contact your previous toll company. For other questions, Fremtind Service can help you.

We have increased the capacity of the customer service to help both new and existing customers.

Terms and conditions

There are no significant chagnes in the terms of the agreement.

Terms and conditions

We warmly welcome you to Fremtind Service!