Is the end of manual toll stations where you have to putt money in a basket at the toll station or have a clip card and prepayments. In recent years everything has been automated. When you drive through one or more toll station, you will automatically receive invoices for passages you have had and you will not have to think about it before you receive an invoice. 

How often an invoice is sent depends on how much you are driving. If you drive for over Kr 500, you will receive an invoice approximately once a month. If not, we will send you an invoice when you have driven for over Kr 500 or within three months if you have an AutoPASS agreement and within three months if you not have an agreement. 

Payment Solutions

We have several different payment solutions to make it easier for you as a customer and to receive and pay your bill as you wish.

If you have an AutoPASS agreement, you can choose between these different solutions:

Note that you can only select one of the options. if you are looking for an invoice sent as email, contact us and we will register it for you.