AutoPASS in the mobile bank

SpareBank 1 customers gets an easy overview of toll passings and ferry rides in the online- and mobile bank. With a AutoPASS agreement from Fremtind Service you can check your usage, passings, and invoice status in the online - or mobile bank. Information about AutoPASS is found under «Mine kjøretøy» i the bank. 

How to:
1. Tick to add AutoPASS subscription and press «Gå til samtykke».
2. Log in with BankID at Fremtind Service.
«Godkjenn» and consent to us sharing information with the bank.
4. Now you can see the AutoPASS agreement in the online- and mobile bank.

If you have not been logged in to Fremtind Service before, the agreement must be linked to your BankID. Customer number and registration number must be entered before the consent can be approved. You can find the customer number on the top right of invoices from Fremtind Service. The consent is valid for 180 days.

What can you see in the mobile bank?
- Your AutoPASS agreements with Fremtind Service
- Invoice status

- Time, place and price for tolls and ferries in the last 90 days

NOTE: SpareBank1 SMN and Nordmøre have not opened access for the service yet.