How the toll tag work

When passing a toll station or boarding a ferry, your toll tag is registrated by the local toll charger. This registration is just like tapping your credit card in the grocery store. When the toll passing is registrated it will be sent to a national AutoPASS system that calculates the price. The price is determined by the approved guidelines for each toll project.

Fremtind Service collects payment for all toll passings on behalf of the local toll chargers. Our toll tag will always give you at least 20 % discount on all toll passings, and at least 10 % discount on ferries when driving a vehicle under 3500kg. Log in to see your passings, consumption, and invoice status. 
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We recommend that you choose an electronic invoice. It is easy and cheaper than receiving a paper invoice in the mail.
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If you have been charged for a toll passing you think is wrong, you can send us a complaint. Use the contact form below. 
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If you are wondering how much your roadtrip will cost you, we recommend you to try our toll calculator. Fill in the fields for place, time and date and see how much the roadtrip will cost you with and without an AutoPASS agreement from Fremtind Service. 
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