Registration of toll passing data

If you have an AutoPASS agreement, the toll tag is registered at a toll point. Exceptions are when the tag has not been registered properly.

In these cases, a picture is taken at the toll station of the plates to invoice the correct owner of the vehicle. If there is a valid agreement attached to the car, the passing will be paid by the agreement holder. Invoices are sent as usual.

If you have received a debt collection claim your agreement and toll tag are automatically frozen. Until the debt has been paid, the agreement will remain registered as invalid in our systems. The local toll charger will send you an invoice for toll passings made while your agreement with the toll service provider is frozen. 

Storage of toll passing data

Toll passing data attached to an agreement is usually stored in our system for a year after the passing date. Toll passings older than this are automatically deleted due to our privacy policy.

Toll passing data also appears on all invoices unless you as a customer have reserved yourself from this. Due to the invoice law, invoices are kept for 10 years after they have been sent.

If you have requested deleting of toll passing data when entering the agreement, the crossing data will automatically be deleted as soon as the agreement has been charged. This means that the passing data will in this case not be available for review. Passing data is also printed on all outgoing invoices.

Access to toll passing data

You can get an overview of your toll passing data for the past 6 months by logging in. You can also receive passing data from Fremtind Service customer support. We can give you toll passing data for the past year. We do not hand out any data over the phone due to our privacy policy. In addition to the customer, only the police may receive passing data.