We have established this channel to highlight incidents that are not in accordance with what Fremtind Service should be, and stands for. You can notify us here whether you have proof of a misdemeanor or not. If something feels like it is not the way it should be, do not hesitate with alerting us. We wish to live up to our own quality demands and fulfill our civic duty. Feedback is helpful for us to improve and accomplish this.

In this channel, you can alert us about:

  • Incidents where Fremtind Service AS is involved
  • Danger to life or health
  • Danger to climate or the enviroment
  • Corruption or other financial crime
  • Abuse of authority
  • Unsafe working enviroment 
  • Breach of personal date security


Anonymity and confidentiality

You are completely anonymous when reporting a misdemeanor. You may choose for yourself whether you would like to state your personal details or not. If you state your personal details, it could make it easier for us to process the case. All reports are processed confidentially and in accordance with our quality system.

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