Groups who can apply for exemption

  • People walking and cycling
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Public transport on route
  • People with reduced mobility 
  • Emergency vehicle on duty


If you have a HC-card (HC parking permit), and an active AutoPASS-agreement with Fremtind Service you can apply for exemption from road tolls from your local toll charger. Visit the toll chargers websites to see which areas the exemption applies for. Before sending your application to the toll charger you need to have an active AutoPASS-agreement and toll tag connected to your vehicle. The application with mandatory documents needs to be sent to a toll charger, and not Fremtind Service, who is a toll service provider. 

Important to know

  • The name of the AutoPASS-agreement needs to be same as the HC-card.
  • You need to update your exemption if you change or get a new toll tag. 
  • The exemption do not have an retroactive effect.

Cases where the exemption lapses

  • If your HC-card expires. 
  • If you cancel your AutoPASS agreement.
  • If you change your toll tag without applying for exemption again. 
  • If your AutoPASS agreement is being frozen because of debt collection. 

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