Which vehicles can be exempted from toll passes?

  • Buss on a route

  • Embassy car (only the toll stations connected to Fjellinjen)

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Maxitaxi ( they do not get a 100 % discount, but they do get a 73 % discount at toll stations connectet to Fjellinjen)

How do I apply for an exemption on my vehicle?

To get an exemption, you must first have an active AutoPASS agreement that must be linked to the vehicle. The next step is to send the documents that shows that you drive a buss on a route, embassy car, emergency vehicle or a maxitaxi

Order a AutoPASS

Send the documents to a toll company

If your AutoPASS agreement is inactive or blocked due to debt collection, your AutoPASS agreement will not be valid. This means that you will not receive an exemption, and you will receive an invoice without discounts or time rules