If you have received a debt collection claim, it means that we have not received payment for an invoice that was sent from us quite some time ago. Until the debt claim is paid, your AutoPASS-agreement and toll tag is blocked. When the AutoPASS-agreement is blocked, you will not receive any discounts or benefits.

When the debt claim is paid, the AutoPASS-agreement and toll tag will automatically be activated again. It might take a few days before your payment is registered in our systems. If you have made any toll passings while your toll tag has been blocked, you will receive an invoice from the local toll charger instead of Fremtind Service.

When you receive a debt collection claim, it means we have notified about the claim several times prior. Our debt collection process goes like this:

  1. We have sent you an invoice for toll passings made in the last period. You choose how you want to receive the invoice prior. For example debit invoice or e-mail invoice. The invoice must be paid within 14 days.
  2. If the invoice is not paid within due date, you will receive a debt collection notice. This is a reminder that the original invoice is not paid, and will be sent to debt collection agency if the reminder is not being paid either. The debt collection notice includes a fee on 35 NOK and has a 14 days due. 
  3. If you not pay the debt collection notice, we will send you a payment reminder. When we send a payment reminder it also means that your AutoPASS-agreement and toll tag is blocked for use. The reminder also includes a fee on 105 NOK, in addition to the first fee on 35 NOK. The total amount for the fees in the reminder will be 140 NOK. The due is 14 days. If the payment reminder is paid within due your AutoPASS agreement will be reactivated.
  4. If the payment reminder is not paid, we will send the reminder to a external debt collection agency to follow up on your case. The agency will add more fees and interests. When the claim is paid we will receive a message from the debt collcetion agency and your agreement will be reactivated. 

Log in to check if your profile information and adress is correct. You are responsible for updating your profile information at all time. We recommend you to log in and get a overview for your invoices. You can also choose electronic invoice to receive it in your internet bank or e-mail. 

If you have any questions about your debt case, contact your debt collection agency directly.

Here is the contact information to the debt collection agencies we use:

Phone: 33 45 60 90 
E-mail: No.handel@sergel.com  

Ropo Capital:
Tlf: 33 48 62 00
E-post: fremtindservice@ropocapital.no

If you have received debt collection from several companies, you can send an e-mail to inkasso@fremtindservice.no 

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