If you have received a debt collection notice or claim from Fair Collection, it means that Fremtind Service have not received payment for an invoice sent quite some time ago. If you have received a debt collection claim it also means that your AutoPASS agreement and toll tag are frozen until we receive payment for the claim. When the toll tag is frozen, you will not receive discounts on your toll passings, and you will not have benefits such as one-hour rule, monthly cap, exemptions (HC card), or electric car benefits. Your agreement is not frozen yet if you have received a debt collection notice. 

The toll tag will be automatically activated again when you pay the debt collection claim, but remember that it may take a few days before the payment is registered. If you have passed toll stations while the tag was frozen, you will receive an invoice without discounts directly from the local toll charger.

When you receive a debt collection claim, we have already notified you about the claim several times in advance. Our collection process has these steps:

  1. We send an invoice for passings made in the last period. The invoice is sent through the channel you have activated, such as eInvoice, direct debit, or paper invoice. Due date is 14 days.

  2. If the invoice is not paid, Fair Collection send a debt collection notice. This is a reminder that the claim is unpaid and that it may be sent to debt collection if you do not pay the notice. The debt collection notice includes a reminder fee of 35 NOK. Due date is 14 days.

  3. If the debt collection notice is not paid either, Fair Collection will send you a debt collection claim on behalf of Fremtind Service. Fair Collection then follows up on the claim and adds interest and fees. When the claim is settled with the debt collection company, they send a message to us about the received payment. Your agreement will be reopened when we receive the message from the debt collection company.

If you log in to fremtindservice.no, you can see a copy of all the invoices we have sent you.

When we send an invoice, we use the information you have registered on your agreement. You are responsible for updating your address and vehicle information on the agreement. You can easily change your address, email address, or phone number by logging in to fremtindservice.no/en. Our best tip for paying in time is to choose e-invoice or direct debit. You can set this up easily in your online bank.

If you have any questions about your debt collection case, contact the debt collection company directly. In Fair Collections portal Fairdc.no you can find your cases. Log in with your BankID or use the log in instructions from your notice/claim.

Contact information:
Fair Collection AS
Phone: 95 51 20 00
E-mail: kundetjenester@fair.no

If you have received debt collection claims from several companies, you can send an e-mail to inkasso@fremtindservice.no and we will help you. 

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