The national AutoPASS system demands that you have a an active agreement, and a correct attached toll tag to receive your discounts and benefits. 

When you receive your toll tag it is important that you place it in the correct car right away. Then you will avoid any faulty registrated passings and ferry rides.

The toll tag should be placed at the top of the windshield, on the right side of the mirror. A lot of cars also have a marked area around the mirror, and the toll tag should be placed there. Trucks and buses have a different placing of the toll tag, and it should be placed at the lower part of the windshield. Make sure that the tag is not hidden behind a wiper etc. The windshield should be warmed up when mounting the tag.

How to attach the tag

1. Clean the windshield where the tag is to be placed. 
2. Remove the cover paper on one side and attach it to the marked area on the tag. 
3. Remove the cover paper on the other side, and press the tag against the windshield for 10 seconds. 

How to remove a tag 

1. The old attachment can be stuck. Use a adhesive solvent or dish soap to loosen it up. Let it pour down from above and leave on for a couple of minutes.
2. Use a plastic card or similar to loosen the attachment. Avoid metal object, this can harm the glass. Clean the windshield after. 
3. The windshield is now ready for a new toll tag. 

New attachment

New attachements can be ordered from our webshop. If you are a new customer to the shop, click "New customer" and follow the steps. 

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