If you drive for more than 500 NOK a month, we will send you an invoice the following month. If you drive for less than 500 NOK a month, you will receive an invoice once the total is more than 500 NOK or within three months.

When do we send invoices?
AmountWhen do we send the invoice
500 kr or moreEvery month
Less than 500 krWithin three months

Due date

Due date is usually 14 days.


If you not pay the invoice within due date, you will receive a reminder with a fee. If the reminder is not being paid within due date, the invoice will be sent to debt collection company and they will add extra fees.

Not received an invoice

You are responsible for updating your adress and profile information at all time. Log in to check if you have the correct adress to your agreement. 

Unsettled invoice

If you want to check invoice status, or if you have any new invoices, you can log in to get an overview. 
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