Exemption for HC-card 

To get exemption, you must have an AutoPASS-agreement registered in your name and a valid HC-card registered on that agreement. The HC-card must be valid for at least two years.

If you do not have an AutoPASS agreement, order an AutoPASS-tag before you send the documents to a toll company.

Order AutoPASS

The exemption is registered by a toll company. To have the exemption registered on your AutoPASS agreement, you must send the front and back of the parking card, as well as attach the tag number.

Send the documents to a toll company 

If your AutoPASS agreement is inactive or blocked due to debt collection, your AutoPASS agreement will not be valid. This means that you will not receive an exemption, and you will receive an invoice without discounts or time rules.

Electric car and hydrogen car

Some toll areas still has an exemption for electric car and hydrogen car. The toll areas that does not have exemption, you pay maximum 50 % off the task in task grupo 1. 
If you have an electric car or hyrdrogen car, you have to have an AutoPASS-agreement to get the exemption or the discount. If you have a car that is not registrated in Norway, you also have to registrate the emission standard.