Exemption for disabled, public transport, and emergency vehicles.

People with reduced mobility with a valid parking permit or HC-card can apply for exempt for toll payments. To get exemption, you must have a active and valid AutoPASS-agreement for your vehicle, registered in your name. If you do not have an AutoPASS-agreement, order this before you send the documents and apply for exempt to a toll company.


  • The name registered to the AutoPASS-agreement have to match the name on the parking permit, HC-card
  • If you change your AutoPASS-agreement or tag you need to update the expempt
  • The expempt is not retroactively

Order AutoPASS

The exemption is registered by your local toll company. The toll service providers do not register the exemptions, you have to send the application to the local toll charger. 
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Cases where the exemption expires

  • If you terminate your AutoPASS-agreement
  • If you change your AutoPASS tag without applying again
  • If your parking permit expires
  • If the AutoPASS-agreement is blocked due to debt collection

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* If your AutoPASS agreement is inactive or blocked due to debt collection, your AutoPASS agreement will not be valid. This means that you will not receive an exemption, and you will receive an invoice from the toll charger without discounts or other benefits.