Rate group 1:

With an AutoPASS-agreement, you get a 20 % discount on vehicles with a total weight up to 3500 kilos. This also applies to passenger cars in vehicle category M1. In addition, you get the benefits hourly fee and monthly maximum price.

Rate group 2:

You do not get a discount on vehicles with total weight over 3500 kilos, even with an AutoPASS-agreement. You get the benefits hourly fee and monthly maximum price.

Electric car

With an electric car you get minimum 50 % discount on your toll crossings. The discount varies for area to area, but you never get less than a 50 % discount with an AutoPASS-agreement. 

For passenger cars, you get a 100 % discount in these areas:

Electric vehicles in rate group 2 get 100 % discount on all of the toll crossing throughout Norway.

AutoPASS for ferry 

You get a 10 % discount on the ferries that use the AutoPASS tag as payment. If you create an AutoPASS ferry account and pay in advance, you get a 50 % discount as private customers and a 40 % discount as corporate customers (17 % on passenger tickets in those connections where there is personal payment).

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Do you not have an AutoPASS-agreement?

To get a discount on your toll crossings, you must have an active AutoPASS-agreement linked to your vehicle.

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