If you have bought or sold a car, you need to remember to update your AutoPASS agreement. If you forget this you will be responsible for paying the cars toll passings, even if you have sold the car. An AutoPASS agreement is personal, and registered to your name, and is not automatically cancelled if you only remove the toll tag from the car. 

New car 

Existing customer
You have two alternatives:
- Log in and choose «Transfer tag» to use your tag in a new car. 
- Log in and choose «Add a vehicle» to add an extra toll tag to your agreement.

Not a customer 
If this is your first car, or you do not have an AutoPASS agreement from before, you can log in with a norwegian BankID and become a customer. If you live outside Norway, you can become a customer using email and password. Your toll tag should arrive in the mail within 10 days. Become a customer

Sold car

You have two alternatives:
- If you want to use your toll tag in another vehicle, you can log in and choose «Transfer tag». When the tag is transferred to a new vehicle, the sold vehicle will automatically be removed from your agreement.
- If you want to cancel your AutoPASS agreement, you can log in and choose «Remove vehicle». You can also choose to reuse your tag later, or dispose the tag as electronic waste.
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