These are the various electronic solutions you may choose from:

  • Agreement billing. You can set this solution up in your online bank. If you need a KID-number, let us know and we will give it to you. With agreement billing we will not send the bill to your online bank as it is automatically paid. You can see your bill on Mine sider or on our app.
    You can only set up agreement billing if you already have an AutoPASS agreement. You may not have both agreement billing and eBilling, only one of them.
  • eBilling. You set this up in your online bank. The eBilling number is 000 in front of your customer number. With eBilling, your bill will be sent to your online bank as a PDF-file. You then pay by simply clicking on “pay”.
  • E-mail. You can receive bills via e-mail. It will then be sent as a PDF-file to an e-mail address of your choosing. You can only receive bills via e-mail if you have an AutoPASS agreement. Contact us by phone +47 22 98 40 00or by chat, and we will register it.
  • Digipost. If you set up a Digipost-account you will automatically receive your bills there. If you want to have a Digipost-account but not receive your bill there, you can set up eBilling or agreement billing in your online bank. You can also receive bills by e-mail if you contact us. Your bill will then be sent to your online bank or e-mail address instead of Digipost.